On January 26th 2021, The Victorian Government decided to cancel the Australia Day Parade, and We, The People decided to restore it.

About 300 People joined in the parade march which started from Queen Victoria Gardens.
People gathered and joined together around the Janet Lady Clark Rotunda, with flags, balloons, and costumes.

Videographers and Members of the Independent Media were present to capture the day’s events, including:

• Avi Yemini [@AviYeminiOfficial]
• Monica Smit [@reignitedemocracyaustralia]
• Real Rukshan [@realrukshan]
• Sentinel [@sent_inel]
• Hillbilly [@pbhunters]

and many more.

A contingent of the Victorian Proud Boys were also present to celebrate Australia Day, and joined the parade alongside the attendees. [@proudboysaustralia]
Additionally, Representatives of the AustraliaOne Party were also present at the parade, and joined alongside to celebrate Australia Day.

At 2:30pm, the parade began with the Opening Speech, from Harrison Mclean. [@HazMcleanChannel]
He spoke about the importance of Australian Culture, the need for people to take back Australia Day from the government, and about National Identity.
Harrison emphasized the importance of the independence of Australia, and the defense of the Westphalian Nation State for political decentralization.
Above all, Harrison encouraged that History be embraced and preserved, for all of its inspiration and all of its faults.

The Parade then began to march out of Queen Victoria Gardens and proceeded down St. Kilda Road with music and flags.
Victoria Police, to their credit, assisted with blocking roads in advance of the parade, and were very accommodating to the event overall.
The parade continued to Fawkner Park, for the half-time break.
At Fawkner park, the parade took a short break to refresh.

At 3:15pm the parade had it’s second speech from Morgan Jonas. [@morgancjonas]
He spoke about the Australian Spirit and the uniqueness of Australia.
Morgan emphasized that there is not county on Earth as Accepting as Australia, and that we should be proud of our nation.
Morgan Declared that Australian values are important to preserve, and that our nation’s architects rejected Authoritarianism and Communism.

The crowd then proceeded to march from Fawkner Park down St. Kilda Road to Catani Gardens, via Fitzroy St.
Chants of Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi Oi were exclaimed as the parade continued down Fitzroy St. until it reached its final destination, Catani Gardens.
The attendees then gathered around the Pavilion to hear some additional speakers before the Parade wound down, and the Beach party began.

While the organizers had prepared a BBQ for those attendees that chose to stay for the Beach Party, unfortunately, the local council decided that Australia Day BBQ plans should be disrupted by turning off the BBQs at Catani Gardens, much to our disappointment.
This speaks poorly of the St. Kilda Council, which choose to deny the Australian Tradition of hosting BBQs on this day.
Alternative food measures were in place, and the final remaining attendees enjoyed several hours of food and drinks.
Victoria Police choose to maintain a presence at the park for many hours after the Parade finished, which limited Beach Party attendance, in addition to the cold weather, which was not ideal for swimming at the nearby beach.
The night ended with the final attendees heading off for a few drinks at the nearby Republica Bar, after which everyone went home.

Thank You to everyone that came and made the First People’s Australia Day Parade into a fantastic and fun day for all to enjoy.

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