We're Taking a stand.
Freedom is Essential. Human Rights Matter. No Covid Normal. Victoria Will Be Free.

Melbourne Freedom Rally is dedicated to the preservation of Freedom in Victoria.
We stand for Individual Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Grass Roots Activism.


We support reducing the scope of government, and empowering individuals to live the way they choose.


We support direct democratic decision making at a more local level by an active and informed citizenry.


We support taking visible and regular action to promote our ideals, and shift the public conversation.

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Date: Saturday February 20th

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Fawkner Park

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Millions March Against Mandatory COVID Vaccinations Melbourne Review

MELBOURNE – Millions March Against Mandatory COVID Vaccinations was organized as an Australian National Event in collaboration with many groups across Australia. These aligned groups share a common goal of ensuring that the upcoming release of Coronavirus Vaccines is done in a voluntary way, where all patients give affirmative and…

People’s Australia Day Parade Review 26.01.21

On January 26th 2021, The Victorian Government decided to cancel the Australia Day Parade, and We, The People decided to restore it. About 300 People joined in the parade march which started from Queen Victoria Gardens.People gathered and joined together around the Janet Lady Clark Rotunda, with flags, balloons, and…

Fawkner Park Protest Review 05.12.20

Today approximately 500 people gathered at Fawkner Park to march to St. Kilda Beach for Freedom in Victoria. The day started with an early pre-gathering of demonstrators around 1:45pm when we were approached by members of Victoria Police to declare that the Rally would not be interfered with, for which…
3 days ago

Thanks to the Victorian Government?

The Australian Open Says Boo.

December 5th 2020

Fawkner Park

We gathered to denounce the policies of the Victorian Government, in their implementation of COVID Normal, including masks, coercive vaccinations, and the State of Emergency.

November 3rd 2020

Parliament House

We gathered to protest against the Victorian Lockdown and against Coronavirus Restrictions to the Freedom of Movement.

October 23rd 2020

Shrine of Remembrance

We Gathered to demand the Resignation of Daniel Andrews and to call for an end to the Victorian Lockdown and travel restrictions.

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