Melbourne Freedom Rally is a community of Libertarian and Populist Activists.

We are dedicated to preserving the Freedom of all Victorians by advocating for policy changes and action at the Federal, State, and Local level.

We currently have 5 main objectives.

1. End all Coronavirus Restrictions:

  • No more lockdowns, mask mandates, 5km radius limit, curfew, work permits, or checkpoints. Remove each and every single coronavirus related restriction imposed by the Victorian Government.
  • End the State of Disaster and State of Emergency declared in Victoria, and open all state borders to all travelers.
  • Dissolve the Ring of Steel, and permit free travel between Metropolitan Melbourne, and Regional Victoria.
  • Adopt a Swedish Style Herd Immunity strategy of voluntary protective measures for those vulnerable to the coronavirus.

2. Pandemic Royal Commission:

  • Launch an independent and thorough investigation into the handling of the coronavirus response.
  • Find any evidence of criminal activity, conflicts of interest, corruption, and incompetence in the government and medical system.
  • All doctors that knowingly falsified death certificates for patients that did not die from coronavirus should be charged with fraud.
  • Hold everyone responsible for this self-imposed disaster criminally accountable.

3. Daniel Andrews Resignation:

  • Daniel Andrews must resign as the Premier of Victoria, and nominate a successor that will enact all other demands.
  • Daniel Andrews must be held accountable for the Crimes against Humanity he has committed upon the Victorian People.
  • Every CHO directive that violated Australian Constitutional and Federal Human Rights should be recorded as such, and used as evidence in a trial of the Victorian State Cabinet before the High Court.

4. No Coerced Vaccinations:

  • If and when a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine is developed and produced, it must be the sole choice of every individual as to whether or not they take the vaccine.
  • No legal or financial pressure should be placed on any person to take a vaccine, and no business should use vaccination status as a means of discrimination against employees or customers.

5. Full Refund of All Coronavirus Fines.

  • Every person in Victoria that has paid a fine for breaching a coronavirus related directive should receive a full refund for the amount paid.
  • All pending fines must be withdrawn in full.

Melbourne Freedom Rally is committed to fighting for the accomplishment of all 5 of these goals, which we believe are credible, reasonable, and actionable. We encourage every Victorian Member of Parliament to express support for these demands, and we will congratulate all that choose to do so. We hope that these action items can guide the discourse of our recovery, begin to restore public confidence in the Institutions of Government and Medicine, and ensure that this can never happen again.

After we have achieved these 5 objectives, Melbourne Freedom Rally will expand the scope of its advocacy to include more long term policy objectives to reduce the size and scope of government, and promote Individual Freedom and Economic Freedom.