Endless Coronavirus restriction measures have taken a heavy toll on Victoria.

Lockdowns. Masks. Travel limitations. Business Shutdowns.

We were told that we had to “Flatten the Curve”.

But what we have really flattened is our State.

We were told that “It’s not about Human Rights, it’s about Human Lives.”

Dan, Lockdowns Cost Lives too.

It’s time to end the narrative of fear.

Dan’s “Elimination at Any Cost” strategy has been an abject failure of public policy.

The Coronavirus Alarmists cannot control us any longer.

We have lost thousands from suicide, as a result of lockdown isolation, and financial ruin.

We cannot allow the wholesale elimination of our fundamental human rights, under the guise of our protection.

We cannot allow the protection of the few, to justify the subjugation of the many.

The Coronavirus has a survival rate well over 99%.

91% of the people who have died from the Coronavirus had significant prior co-morbidities.

Victoria is a Proud and Prosperous State, and we will not be pushed around any longer.

The Cure cannot be worse than the disease.

We Need to End the State of Emergency, to make sure that there cannot be any more lockdowns.

Mask mandates must end, and all Coronavirus restrictions must be lifted.

We need to allow all businesses to fully reopen, and remove all customer limitations.

All Australian State borders must be reopened, and International travel must be restored.

We Need to follow the advice of the 30,000 doctors of the Great Barrington Declaration.

It’s time to engage in Focussed Protection, and minimise harm to the vulnerable until we reach herd immunity.

We Need to put an end to excessive medical surveillance.

Contact detail bulk data gathering is an unnecessary burden that forces businesses to spy on their customers.

We need to End the fear campaign and stop the suppression of dissenting views.

Doctors must have the ability to prescribe any treatment for the Coronavirus that they deem suitable.

We Need a Royal commission into the Victorian response to the Coronavirus, with the power to prosecute.

Any Doctors that falsified Coronavirus death certificates for financial incentives must be charged with fraud.

We need an independent review of Victoria Police, to investigate their excessive enforcement measures.

Any Police officers that caused unlawful harm to demonstrators must be held accountable.

We need to take a stand against Coercive Vaccinations.
Any Coronavirus Vaccine should only be administered with affirmative and informed consent.

Daniel Andrews is not our doctor.

Dan’s Lockdown has been a disaster our State, and must never be allowed to happen again.

Daniel Andrews Must resign as the Premier of Victoria.

We need to appoint his replacement, and start the on long road to rebuild our lives.

We will not be held captive to fear, or subservient to the medical industrial complex.

Today, We, the People of Victoria stand for Freedom from Global Coronavirus Tyranny.

Human Rights Matter.

Freedom is Essential.

There is nothing Normal about COVID Normal.

We Say No to COVID Normal.

And We Say Yes to Medical Freedom for Everyone.