Today approximately 2500 people took the streets of Melbourne to express their desire to return to a free society, without lockdown restrictions.

Organized as a joint Effort between Melbourne Freedom Rally, Guardian Angel, and other groups in the Melbourne Freedom Movement, the day started at 12:00pm with demonstrators gathering across the road near the Imperial Hotel, as the steps of Parliament house were heavily covered by Police officers.

Numerous ideas were discussed among the crowd, from starting a march down Bourke street, to getting everyone to cross the road simultaneously and approach Parliament itself.

Shortly after 12, Jacquie set up a loudspeaker and began her speech about Australian Constitutional Rights, the Freedom of movement of all people and the Role of the Government as serving the will of the people.

Jacquie continued to discuss the Scientific discrepancies in the established narrative about COVID-19, stating that while coronaviruses represented the strain of virus responsible for the Common Cold, the novel Coronavirus SARS COVID-2 has not yet been isolated by global health authorities, and is in her view, a fiction.

Regardless of the existence of the novel coronavirus as a new strain or not, one thing was made abundantly clear: That the Victorian Lockdown response is in violation of the Australian constitution, and that Federal Law supersedes State law, rendering all such CHO directives Null and Void.

Additional speakers followed, who spoke about the need for lockdowns to end, and for Victoria Police to stand with the People instead of the Government, and sang songs with the crowd. Thousands of people clustered together to hear the messages of Freedom and showed their favourite signs, flags, and banners.

Some Signs Read: “Free Victoria”, “Error 404: Democracy Not Found”, “Not Happy Dan”, “Un-Mask Victoria”, “Hoax 1984” and “Don’t Trust Govt”

At this point, Victoria Police began to surround the crowd that was centered around Imperial Hotel.

A ring of Police and PORT officers slowly encroached on the people as the speeches and songs began to fade down. At no time did any demonstrator engage in any violence towards police, or property.

A group of Journalists that were inside the enclosed area, Including Avi Yemeni of Rebel News, were able to leave the circle through an opening created for them.
Other journalists in attendance included and The Real Rukshan, and Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia.
Additionally, We were joined by a Member of Parliament, David Limbrick of the Liberal Democrats.

After the ring formed, there was a blast of Capsicum Spray directed at numerous members of the Crowd, focussed disproportionately at members of the Proud Boys, a Western Men’s Fraternity, who were represented strongly on the day to stand for Freedom in Victoria.

Later on, as the ring was shrunk by individual arrests slowly dwindling the numbers of people enclosed, some members of the enclosed circle attempted to push their way out of the circle, causing some injuries and commotion to those in the path of the crowd rush.

The people that managed to break free of the circle appeared to have been apprehended by police officers, and somehow, a single policewoman was thrown inside the ring, and tackled a protester to the ground, knocking over a table, before they were both dragged out.

As the day progressed, people continued chanting and making appeals to leave the circle, which were almost always denied.

Eventually, the Large circle was blocked off on both sides, and then split in half to two sides of the road up against the buildings.
Mounted Police backed up the walls of Police officers, and PORT officer teams continued to enter the circle, arrest a person using a headlock, and take them away to the nearby processing area.

This continued for some 2 hours, and the circles got progressively smaller and smaller. Onlookers continued to cheer in support of those enclosed, and stood by in solidarity.
The circles were emptied out and people left to head home afterwards.

Overall, our Parliament House Rally today sent a strong message the government today.
We have had enough. It is time for the Lockdown to fully end, an all of its component restrictions to be lifted.

No Mask Mandates.
No State of Emergency.
No Travel Limitations.

We are inspired by the overwhelming show of support, and steadfast resolve and commitment, even while some restrictions were slightly eased after our last rally, and in the headwind of a “Lockdown is Over” Narrative diversion.

The Incompetence and Brutality of the Daniel Andrews Administration cannot be allowed to continue unopposed.
Victorian lives have been ruined by lockdowns, for a virus with a 99+% survival rate.
The most disturbing problem is the blatant selective enforcement of these restrictions on the basis of political alignment.
In Daniel Andrews Victoria, social distancing rules only apply to political dissidents, such as ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who made it out today in the heat, and thank you for being completely peaceful, with no major incidents of police officers, vehicles, or horses being attacked.

It was plain to see that the force was exclusively one sided today.

Some tactical upgrades will be considered regarding group directions, marching location announcements, speech time management, and more to better avoid the now common tactic of encirclement. With more experience, more organization becomes feasible.

Stay tuned for more details about our next event, which will be announced in the days to follow as it is organized.

Stay Safe and Stay Free.