MELBOURNEMillions March Against Mandatory COVID Vaccinations was organized as an Australian National Event in collaboration with many groups across Australia.

These aligned groups share a common goal of ensuring that the upcoming release of Coronavirus Vaccines is done in a voluntary way, where all patients give affirmative and informed consent before receiving a Vaccine.

On February 20th 2021, approximately 3000 People gathered in Fawkner Park, South Yarra, for the Melbourne Segment of the event to take a stand for Medical Freedom.

It is the view of the broader Medical Freedom Movement that any person that does not wish to receive a Vaccine should not be placed under any financial or legal pressure to get one, as this choice should be made only by the individual.

Demonstrators brought large amounts of flags and signs to the Rally expressing their concerns with Coronavirus Vaccines.

Some signs read:
“Where there is risk, there must be choice”,
“Dear Mr. Andrews, in the interests of your optimum health, We’ll be donating our Corona Vaccines to you. All 6 Million of them. With Love, Victoria.”
“You’ve Fucked with the wrong Generation!”,
“Experiment or Vaccine?”
“This Ends when we all say No”, and
“My Body, My Choice”.

The March started at 12:00pm, where people from all across the state gathered in a large open area in the center of the park. The park slowly filled with people until approximately 12:15pm, when the speakers began.

Emily, a Victorian Political Commentator, began the event as the MC, and welcomed everyone to the rally. She thanked everyone for coming, and explained that the march would proceed as a lap around the park.

The Opening speaker, Jacquie Dundee, the founder of Make Australia Healthy Again stated that the crowd had gathered to Stand Up For our Rights. She emphasized that the demonstration was to proceed in “Light, and Love, and Peace” and that no aggression would be tolerated during the event. She continued that “Our Rights, Freedoms, and Protections are being destroyed under the very guise of keeping us safe from a non-existent pandemic.” She spoke about the flaws in PCR tests, and stated that Coronavirus vaccines had not been approved by the FDA.

Jacquie proclaimed the importance of the Supreme Law of Australia, The Australian Constitution, in ensuring that people are protected from tyranny, and that the Government sits “At the Bottom of the Ladder.” She spoke out against the Chief Health Officer’s Directives, and the Public Health And Wellbeing Act as being Null, Void, and Invalid. She continued to explain that being coerced into taking a vaccine would violate the Constitution, and could result in charges for Treason.

The next speaker, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani, the founder of WellAdjusted, discussed the implications of the upcoming COVID Vaccinations. She explained that she had handed in her medical license because “She was no longer going to be silenced.” She condemned the vaccine manufacturing industry as having perverse financial incentives, and having “Taken over our government, and our health departments.” She cited medical studies that claim that “This is the first generation that is predicted to not outlive their parents.” She stated that “We are either Free Human Beings, or we are the property of the Governments that we live with.” Jennifer declared that “We are not a herd. We are not Farm Animals.” and that “We are here today gathered, because we do not consent.”

A guest speaker who happened to be in the vicinity with her son, a cricket player in a nearby ground, MP Catherine Cummings then took to the stage. Catherine proceeded to explain that she was personally Pro-Vaccine, but that she was also “Pro-Medical Consent”. She then attempted to request that the crowd follow the CHO directives and socially distance into groups of 20. This resulted in the vocal rejection of the crowd, who did not support following the CHO guidelines during events.

The Non-Compliant crowd instead began to chant “Freedom”.

Monica Smit, the leader of Reignite Democracy Australia, A Pro-Freedom Media Company and Advocacy group, then took to the stage to begin her speech. She took the microphone from an activist asking attendees to follow CHO directives, and instead exclaimed “Do What You Want.” She took out two black gloves, and placed them on her hands, before she began to speak for her first time at a public rally event. She exclaimed “We Are Coming!” in support of her new political movement by the same name which aims to unite smaller parties and win marginal parliamentary seats.

She defiantly declared that the Victoria Police “Can do whatever you want to us. You can fine us. You can put us in jail. We don’t care. We will die for this country.” Monica then explained that her efforts to work within the system and follow civil avenues had been disregarded and ignored. Instead, she stated that “We’re coming for all the marginal seats” and that currently elected politicians should start looking for another job, because “They are Done.” Monica proclaimed that she was tired of following along with the mainstream political process, and that “The gloves are coming off.” After this, Monica took off her gloves, and threw them onto the ground. The crowd began chanting “Monica!”

The final speaker for the day, Sanjeev Sahblok started by quoting “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death.” and “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” He then explained that he had been forced to resign his job as an economist, and that Daniel Andrews was “China’s Stooge” for enforcing lockdown policies and international border closures. On the issue of vaccines, Sanjeev proclaimed that “This is an experimental vaccine that we will all decide on individually.”

The March around Fawkner Park then began, and was lead by Harrison Mclean, a member of the Libertarian Populist Activist Group, Melbourne Freedom Rally, acting as the Event’s Head Marshal.

As they departed the entrance to Fawkner Park, the group chanted:
“No Forced Vaccines”,
“We Will Not Comply”,
“Medical Freedom Matters”,
“We Do Not Consent”, and
“My Health, My Choice”

The crowd swelled towards the marching route and left the park onto the nearby road. The March continued Southbound down St. Kilda Road, before reaching a turning point and waiting at the intersection of St. Kilda Road and Commercial Road for the march participants to catch up.

It was at this time that hundreds of Victoria Police Officers formed a wall along the intersection, and proceeded to block off the march about 100 meters around the corner, preventing the rally from proceeding.

The march organizers and marshals then decided to turn around and go back the way they came back along St. Kilda road to avoid the Police Kettling Line Formation that was in place.

Victoria Police Officers then began to deploy pepper spray against the peaceful demonstrators, which later caused chemical burns to some of the event participants.

Any march participants that were injured by Victoria Police are encouraged to file a Formal Complaint with Victoria Police, and to release any captured images of any offending officers with their names and badge numbers included, to eventuate disciplinary action.

One commanding officer was seen to grab a subordinate officer by the shirt and forcefully throw them forward ahead of themselves, as they attempted to break up the crowd and disperse the participants. This reflects a culture of internal conflict and demoralization within Victoria Police, in which some officers no longer wish to follow orders when instructed, and are publicly abused into submission while on duty.

Once again after the march turned around, Victoria Police formed a blocking line at another intersection to cut the march in half, and divide the participants into smaller groups.

In response to the Police clamp down, the crowd began to chant: “Stand Down VicPol.” The event marshals then declared that people should return to Fawkner Park to hear the remaining speakers, in order to avoid the police tactics that had been deployed against them.

The crowd began to return to Fawkner Park, and followed the reverse of their original route, in spite of the publicly released and planned route to complete a loop of the park.

The rally concluded with a live performance from Vanessa Valentine, a Melbourne Musician, of “Stand By Me”. A additional special guest QC spoke about the Bill to Extend the State of Emergency in Victoria, and condemned Daniel Andrews.

After returning to the starting area of the park, Victoria Police once again began to swarm the area, and surrounded the park. This forced the event organizers to conclude the rally early, and asked everyone to disperse from the area. Victoria Police then proceeded to sweep across the Park with several lines of officers, and drove people onto a nearby cricket ground, where several people were arrested with unreasonable force.

Several planned speakers were disrupted, and the closing performance of the New Song “My Choice” By Vanessa Valentine was cancelled before the performance could proceed. It is instead possible to stream the song from Spotify.

Overall, despite the highly adversarial conditions, the demonstration was able to generate a high turnout and make it clear to the Governments of Victoria and Australia that there is a significant contingent of Australians that Do Not Consent to Coronavirus Vaccines, and that they will not tolerate any Vaccine Coercion measures.

In Short, Medical Freedom Matters.

Thank You to everyone that came to the Millions March Against Mandatory COVID Vaccinations Event, and a special thanks to the inspiring and powerful speakers and performers that made the event as successful as possible.

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