Did you know that a new Permanent Pandemic Bill is being introduced by Daniel Andrews to the Victorian Parliament that will result in:


• Enabling the Government to issue discriminatory Pandemic Orders, based on attributes such as race, political beliefs, vaccination status, and other attributes.


• Enabling the Government to issue penalties of up to 2 YEARS JAIL, and $90,000 FINES for breaches of Pandemic Orders.


• Enabling a Pandemic to be declared, even if there are NO ACTIVE CASES in the community, with no overall time limit, making it potentially permanent.


• Enabling the Victorian Premier to make a Pandemic Declaration WITHOUT parliamentary oversight, or the democratic checks and balances to ensure the proper use of this power.


Read for yourself an open letter written by the Victorian Bar association.


You can see that they reject the idea that this bill brings us into line with the laws in NSW and New Zealand:


We are running out of time. The Pandemic Bill is due to be passed in the upper house during November.


Now is the time to stand up! If we don’t speak out now, we will lose our state forever.


Is this the state that you want to leave to your kids? We say NO!


25,000 of your fellow Victorians stood up last Saturday, to have their voices heard.


If we are going to Kill this Bill and save our state, we need your support to make our next rallies even larger.


Rise Up Melbourne: Kill The Bill Protest

Saturday November 13th 12:00 pm

Starting at State Library, Swanston Street, Melbourne

Marching to Parliament House, Spring St, Melbourne



Share on social media using the hashtag: #KillTheBill