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We’re doing the rounds :-) 2pm this Saturday.
Forwarded from MATT LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY (Matt Chuck)
How powerful is this?!?!

Best photo so far of 2021?!?


#convid19 #melbournelockdown #melbourne #victoria
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[ Feb 23 2021 ]

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Forwarded from Raph's Channel
Welcome everyone! Here I will keep you updated with posts that can and can't make it to other social apps. Thank you so much for joining.

Here's the link to my Telegram chat to be in touch: https://t.me/joinchat/IqKpCz3UIOmY2p--
This is the channel of the proposed Third Front (name to be determined) to consider ideas and strategies for a Third political force in Australia. Its associated group is https://t.me/thirdfront.

The current version of the proposal is available at http://sanjeev.sabhlokcity.com/Misc/ThirdFront-draft-proposal.pdf

Nothing about this proposal is fixed in stone and everything can change as things evolve.
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Recommended Read:

Third Front Draft Proposal

Describes the process and plan for the creation of a Third Front in Australia - A unified collection of smaller parties to challenge incumbents.

This contains the details of the Political Movement described by Sanjeev Sabhlok and Monica Smit.


Forwarded from Fanosthevoice
Media is too big
Guys please get the message out on other platforms. Many people are asking where I am. Please share the link to my Telegram channel

T-shirts available at Fanospthevoicestore.com
Forwarded from Sentinel
Millions March Melbourne summary. This event was held across Australia. Only in Melbourne did the Police crack down on the crowds. Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police have officially declared war on the people of Melbourne. So let it be. #WeAreComing - Feel free to download and mirror this on all your social sites - link in the video. https://rumble.com/ve6boz-millions-march-melbourne.html
The event will go for max 1 hour then we’ll encourage people to shop or eat in the local areas to support local businesses. 🙂
Freedom Park Gatherings

Saturday February 27th From 11:00am

Meet the Freedom community in your local area this Saturday.

Afterwards we will be going to the next event at Greg Hunt's Office at 2:00pm

Get to know the people who have been standing up for Freedom by joining us in a more relaxed informal meetup gathering at 8 local parks.

There's one near you.

• Tim Neville Arboretum, Boronia
• Jubilee Park, Frankston
• Lilydale Lake, Lilydale
• Eastern Beach Reserve, Geelong
• Luna Park, St.Kilda
• Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne
• Lake Caroline Reserve, Caroline Springs
• Allnutt Park, McKinnon

If you have any flags, please bring them to help people find your gathering location.

The Arboretum location is the primary location with the largest community turnout and strong facilitation.

Attendees at other locations should use initiative and message in our telegram chats to find each other on location.

Police are blocking off the carpark for us...
Forwarded from MATT LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY (Matt Chuck)
Media is too big
We must demand:




#convid19 #melbournelockdown #melbourne #victoria