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Forwarded from MATT LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY (Matt Chuck)
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I don’t condone any type of violence and i thought yesterday was beautiful and peaceful.

I was mid way through the marching group when I saw people getting turned back around and witnessed heavy handed arrests.

This video shows what happens when someone is acting out of aggression instead of love.

I truly hope that those with integrity start to walk away.

#convid19 #melbournelockdown #melbourne #victoria
Forwarded from Morgan C Jonas
Dear friends,

Tonight at 9:30pm AEDT on Youtube I will air my full report on Pfizer's history of unethical/criminal/inhumane practises.

What I can tell you, without any doubt, is that Australia will pay both a physical and spiritual cost for engaging with such a dirty organisation.

BTW - I'm proud of everyone who came out yesterday, especially Monica 🙂

Side note: I may also air the report herein FB, still working it out. But, YouTube is the better choice for now.

I am pushing ahead with my media operation, if you haven't already, please sign up to my free news letter at
Forwarded from MATT LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY (Matt Chuck)
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This is the very moment that the pepper spray was released.

I was not yelling.

I was not violent.

I was trying to state that it was a peaceful march and that we only had 50 metres to go.

In that moment after the initial sting I decided to walk towards the line of police. I told them that for four months I drove across the state trying to repair the relationship between the people and police.

I saw shame in the faces of half that I spoke to.

I felt deflated.

Today is another day. Dust yourselves off warrior tribe and be proud that your voices were heard for those that can’t speak around the world.



#convid19 #melbournelockdown #melbourne #victoria
SHARE SHARE SHARE. Morgan will go through the criminal history of Pfizer!
Share with those considering taking the experiment
Go subscribe to his channel now so you get notified when it goes live.
Within 5 days, we have close to 5,000 signatures in support of this new political movement.
Forwarded from Mel Ann
Let it be known. We’ve had enough.
We’re doing the rounds :-) 2pm this Saturday.
Forwarded from MATT LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY (Matt Chuck)
How powerful is this?!?!

Best photo so far of 2021?!?


#convid19 #melbournelockdown #melbourne #victoria
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Forwarded from Raph's Channel
Welcome everyone! Here I will keep you updated with posts that can and can't make it to other social apps. Thank you so much for joining.

Here's the link to my Telegram chat to be in touch:
This is the channel of the proposed Third Front (name to be determined) to consider ideas and strategies for a Third political force in Australia. Its associated group is

The current version of the proposal is available at

Nothing about this proposal is fixed in stone and everything can change as things evolve.
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Recommended Read:

Third Front Draft Proposal

Describes the process and plan for the creation of a Third Front in Australia - A unified collection of smaller parties to challenge incumbents.

This contains the details of the Political Movement described by Sanjeev Sabhlok and Monica Smit.


Forwarded from Fanosthevoice
Media is too big
Guys please get the message out on other platforms. Many people are asking where I am. Please share the link to my Telegram channel

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